Venza Dance

          Brooklyn, NY based contemporary dance collective.

Inspired by the endless possibilities of movement, and all the ways it exist.

Quaba Venza Ernest           

Venza Dance is a series of works directed/created by Quaba V. Ernest. It is a project based collective with the mission of exploring live/digital creations that invoke the viewer to further questions.  Placing an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration it aims to research the endless possibilities of movement, all the forms it exists in, and the countless perspectives to capture it. Using seemingly abstract interpretations the work seeks to turn focus towards often overlooked or internalized feelings of identity, race, culture, isolation, and crisis. Pulling inspiration from my own experience and that of collaborators it aims to give a new perspective on everyday life, our roles within, and constantly evolving culture.

Featured Work           

Every Colour

Choreographed and performed by Quaba Venza Ernest.
Directed by
Sterling Larose and
Jacob Harris,
Cinematography by
Devin Karringten.
Produced by Stefan Berrill Assistant Camera: Mark Moher Edited by
Riley Orr,Jacob Harris and Sterling Larose.

Colourist: David Tomiak
Produced by Luca Fogale and Samuel Woywitka
Mixed by Ryan Worsley Engineered by Olivia Quan, Stefan Nowarre, and Luca Fogale
Additional engineering by Alex Penney
Recorded at Monarch Studios Mastered by João Carvalho Mastering Performed by
Luca Fogale, Paul Clark, and Marcus Abramzik
Written by: Luca Fogale Published by: Luca Angelo Fogale (SOCAN)

“I wrote this song a very long time ago, and it's taken as many forms as a song of mine ever has, ending up as you hear it now. We thought a lot about what song to put out next, and landed on one of positivity; a song about finding beauty in anything and everything” - Luca Fogale

Designed by Quaba Venza Ernest