MARCH 24 & 25, 2022

$20 in advance / $25 at the door

Tushrik Fredericks
Quaba V. Ernest / Venza Dance


Tushrik Fredericks
(territory) of the heart

(territory) of the heart is a movement solo which listens to the range of the heart as a muscular organ. The organ being the place which is responsible for the amplification of our feelings in response to stimulus or situations. Listening to the heart can guide one to the discovery of the potential that lies within oneself or within humanity, while acknowledging that the (territory) is very sensitive and a vast landscape which encompasses everything around us.

Tushrik Fredericks, recipient of Princess Grace Award in 2021 is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but is currently living in New York City. Growing up he specifically found himself drawn towards the style ‘KRUMP‘. He graduated from the Peridance Capezio Center Certificate Program in NYC in June 2015 where he received most of his training. He has had the opportunity to work with Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY (Danielle Agami, Artistic Director) and Sidra Bell Dance New York. He is now working with TRIBE (artistic director/founder Shamel Pitts). Tushrik was an assistant lecturer to Sidra Bell at The University of the Arts Philadelphia for Sophomore students (2016-2018). In May 2021 Tushrik received 3rd prize for dance at the SoloTanz Fest

ival in Stuttgart for his self choreographed solo (territory) of the heart.

“Tushrik Fredericks (3rd dance prize) fascinates with a ritualized performance "(territory) of the heart", which convincingly places the heart at the center of the dance contemplation.” - tanznetz.de

Website: www.tushrikfredericks.com
Instagram: @tushrik

Photos by Jo Grabowski

Quaba V. Ernest / Venza Dance
Its Above Me Now

Its Above Me Now is a movement exploration centered on patience with oneself & our surroundings. Examining our personality and nature through introspection or reflexive action. Acknowledging our resistance and difficult feelings with motivation, procrastinating now & then, focusing on the task at hand, and trying to understand ourselves better.

Venza Dance is a project based collective with the mission of exploring live/digital creations that invoke the viewer to further questions. Placing an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration it aims to research the endless possibilities of movement, all the forms it exists in, and the countless perspectives to capture it. Using seemingly abstract interpretations the work seeks to turn focus towards often overlooked or internalized feelings of identity, race, culture, isolation, and crisis. Pulling inspiration from my own experience and that of collaborators it aims to give a new perspective on everyday life, our roles within, and constantly evolving culture.

Instagram: @Quaba_Ernest @Venzadance
Website: venzadance.org

Photos by Cindy Chen

Designed by Quaba Venza Ernest